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thesundaymosh's Journal

The Sunday Mosh
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Are you tired of plain, boring, Taking Back Sunday-less Sunday comics?

So are we.

That's why we created The Sunday Mosh, a place for TBS/Mosh and comic fans alike to come together. Although "Sunday" is in the name, the comics will be updated on Fridays, due to hectic scheduling and the evils of high school. These comics are guaranteed to make you smile, possibly laugh, and be mildly entertaining.


We are not affiliated with Taking Back Sunday or Mosh, but it would be cool if we were. These comics are for the sole purpose of entertaining the masses and keeping the artists from boredom in class.

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1. Who the hell is Mosh?
Mosh is a studio band the members of Taking Back Sunday created, sometimes called their alter ego. It features Mark on vocal/guitar, Fred on drums, Eddie on guitar, and Adam on keyboard. Matt isn't in Mosh because he plays 'just bass' [even though he does sing in it.].

2. Where do you get ideas for the comics?
We mostly get ideas for the comics from interviews or videos of the guys. Sometimes it's something that happened to us in real life, sometimes it's an injoke. Sometimes it's even the movie 'Clerks'. Just depends on our mood.

3. What's up with Matt and Belgium waffles?
This video should explain it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0UKwA73QBY.
You're welcome.

4. How come My Chemical Romance keeps showing up in some of your comics?
First, let me just say that we're HUGE My Chem fans, so that's part of the reason. The other part of the reason is that TBS is friends with My Chem, and friends visit each other occasionally.

5. Lyke zomg! Adam/Matt/Fred/Eddie/Mark, have mi babiezz!
Umm... no. We're sorry, but that type of behavior is not accepted around here. [Unless you're joking, of course.] You should be a fan because you appreciate the music and the band's message, not for aesthetic reasons.

6. Has Taking Back Sunday ever read your comics?
No, but these were originally created to give to the guys. Our plan was to make a whole book to send to them, but we decided to share them with you guys instead. It would be an honor if the band ever read the comics, though.

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Want to send us or the guys some fan mail? Send it to: thesundaymosh@yahoo.com.
You never know, your letter could be the plot for our next comic!

PLEASE NOTE: When we said send an e-mail to the guys, we meant the comic characters, not the actual Taking Back Sunday.
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